Friday, July 13, 2012

I hope no one finds this grandmother would probably think it "crass", but have you ever heard the statement....."Get your panties out of a wad"?  I have a teenage son who thinks this is a very funny statement.  It has come to my attention lately that I probably do "get my panties in a wad" all too often.  I am concerned with appearances of our family, my feelings being hurt, my husband paying attention to me, my kids behaving the way good boys should, etc. 

Recently, I've felt the need to chill out!  When I get uptight and upset about things I can not control.  I repeat, I can not control!  I have an adverse affect on myself, and my family.  It can ruin an afternoon of family time that was meant to be fun, or a school day for my kids, or just make me feel terrible inside.

One day when I was upset about a phone call from a family member, I suddenly imagined the Lord taking my actual heart in his hands and smoothing out the wrinkles!  Jesus was massaging those wrinkles and "wads" out of my heart.  It helped!  I have used this picture so many more times to make myself chill out! 

I just can't tell you the effect it has had on my outlook, demeanor, attitude and responses to others!  Jesus is physically molding me and making me into a new creation everyday.  A new creation that needs some smoothing and massaging on her heart everyday.

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